Understanding FBS FX Trading Broker
Understanding FBS FX Trading Broker

Understanding FBS FX Trading Broker

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Phobidilia.com – FBS markets is a broker online trading and contracts for difference( CFDS), was established in the year 2009. Since 2009, the company has grown significantly and could boast of more than 2,500,000 active traders in 2017. Broker active international and also have the necessary licenses through the IFSC (Belize) and CySEC (Europe).

International clients are accepted by this company. In addition, the FBS has the support of international customers more than 20 languages. The largest customer base in Asia. FBS very famous through live Events and charity to the poor. Brokers specializing in forex trading, which you can see in the broker veranda. FBS try to give clients the best conditions for the trading of currencies. With this broker, You can start trading with this amount of money because the minimum is only $ 1.

In this review, we will give you all the facts about the broker that you need to know.

The fact about company:

  • Established in the year 2009
  • International Broker with some of the rules
  • Specializes in forex trading
  • More than 2,500,000 traders and active partner
  • A charity program and sponsors
  • Bonus Program interesting
  • The basis of the main customers in Asia

Regulation and security of Customer funds

When it comes to trade with the official rules of real money from the broker is very important. There are several fraudsters brokers who act without regulation to commit fraud on the customer money. To avoid this practice is always to look after the regulation of the broker before You start investing real money.

FBS is regulated by the IFSC in Belize and CySEC in Europe (Cyprus). Registration number regulation Belize is 119717 and the license is IFSC/60/230/TS / 18. CySEC license is 331/17. This is the official rules where the head office of the company. You can see it for yourself. A Broker only to get this regulation by acting as a forex broker that serious.

In addition, the FBS only use the payment method that is set for the transaction of the customers. This is also a very important point. In conclusion, FBS is a reliable broker for online trading. This is a company that is set so that the fraud could not occur in our opinion.


  • Is regulated by the IFSC in Belize
  • Regulated by the CySEC in Cyprus (Europe)
  • Only the method of payment which is set


We note carefully the conditions of the traders. At a glance, the Provider makes a very good impression on us because a lot of models from a different account. Therefore, You can customize Your account with a capital of style deposit and trade. Minimum Deposit just $ 1 and You have a chance to get a free bonus to your capital.

The Spread depends on the type of account and start from 1.0 pips. For an account with low diffuse usually causes one commission per lot traded. Overall, You always cheaper with an account of the Commission in the market. Once again, there is additional value for me. You can try the platform with a free demo account. There are 3 types of different platforms of the brokers that we will review later.

FBS markets specializing in trading forex. It is also seen in the selection of the assets of the trademark. There are many currency pairs are available, but the choice of CFD is also very high. When we acknowledge the brokers try to improve the offer to trade the market. American stocks added to the portfolio in the past.

1. Currency pairs (forex)

As mentioned earlier, You can trade more than 50 different currency pairs with FBS. The cost of the Spread and Trading depending on the type of account you choose. In addition, there is an option Islamic account and You will not pay the cost of the swap if You use it. Exchange rates on all major currency pairs, small, and exotic. Leverage up to 1: 3000.

2. Metal

Metal is very popular and can be volatile as well. Palladium, platinum, gold, and silver offers to be traded against the U.S. dollar. The condition depends on the type of your account. However, from our experience, FBS also offers cheap here-

3. Index

More than 20 different shares that are available with FBS. The largest applied in stock. This should show the strength of the economy of the country. For example, The S & P 500 index includes 500 of the strongest companies in the United States. The index is highly liquid and are sometimes very volatile.

4. Energy

Offered to be traded by CFD (contract for difference). Brent oil, crude oil, and natural Gas is available to be traded. Conditions depending on the type of account You choose.

5. Type Stockslot

The Trader more than 100 American stock with FBS. They offered the influence of using contracts for difference. You can go long and shortage of stock easily. The cost of this spread, commission, and swap if You hold the position throughout the night.

We will discuss the type of account and the trading price later in the article this review.

The fact of the condition:

  • Trading forex, stocks, metals, indices, and commodities
  • Different types of accounts for the style of trading
  • 3 different platforms for any device
  • Start with just a deposit of $ 1
  • The commission of the spread and low
  • Free demo account
  • Bonus Program

High Leverage and protection negative balance for FBS traders

In the platform FBS, traders can choose different leverage for their account. It is possible to get a greater influence than the maximum of 1: 3000. In our opinion, is not useful to use the influence of a high, but some of the strategy need it. Sometimes high leverage is very risky, especially if You are trading market news. Some traders fear a negative balance.

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