The Rules For Playing forex Trading Robots Are Needed So That Investors Are Not Wrong
The Rules For Playing forex Trading Robots Are Needed So That Investors Are Not Wrong

The Rules For Playing forex Trading Robots Are Needed So That Investors Are Not Wrong

Posted on Offer the use of trading robots when investing foreign exchange (forex) or foreign exchange (Forex) more milling around online. The convenience and potential of the benefits obtained from using forex trading robots is indeed tempting. However, the good investor still realizes that the risk cannot be lost.

President of the HFX International Futures Commissioner Sutopo Widodo said the trading robot was once very popular with traders in 2007. However, recently promotions carried out by the trading robot vendors widespread to the general public. This makes so many people who want to know the world of forex trading but limited the ability to analyze the market.

The appearance of the Forex trading robot is also an answer for invetries who want to practice investing or there is no time to learn technical and fundamental analysis. Trading robots can also help investors to control emotions when transacting. This can be done because trading robots can automatically run transactions with more measurable analysis. Investors no longer need to intensely monitor forex movements.

Sutopo explains that every trading robot has their respective systems and strategies. “There is a low risk, medium risk, and high risk depending on the trading sostem,” Sutopo said. By using a trading robot, investors can reduce the influence of emotions and psychology themselves when transacting. Of course it is not uncommon for fear, hesitant or greedy often approaches the transaction.

However, the use of trading robots still has weaknesses. Sutopo said the trading robot could not read and analyze fundamentally from news that might appear suddenly. The end, the risk remains.

In addition to the risk when transacting, Sutopo reminded the good investor could choose the credible forex trading robot so as not to bring investors to the Money Game crime. Before buying the trading robot services, the investor checks the History of the robot trading both in real and backtest. Although, past history does not guarantee the same thing in the future.

The characteristics of credible trading robots are always updating (update) with market conditions and there is manual interference.
The rules for playing forex trading robots are needed so that investors are not wrong

Sutopo reminded investors must address and know the trading system used, how risk management and profit percentage. “This Forex investment is High Risk High Return, Low Risk Low Return Despite using robots, the higher the profit, the greater the risk of losses, and vice versa,” Sutopo said.

Investors also check and test whether the trading robot can be used in real brokers or forex brokers. At present there are many money games on behalf of the trading robot and the edges of the scam. Investors must also check whether transactions can be detected or not. Robot trading that is abalous aka money games usually cannot be used in real brokers and cannot detect transactions. Money games usually only use certain forex brokers that are not clear the origin, so that all transactions that occur need to be questioned.

Sutopo’s knowledge, regulations that regulate the detailed robot trading do not exist until now. According to Sutopo Robot Trading is Automatic Trading which is based on the technical analysis of the trader itself through indicators. “It shouldn’t be a problem with the rules if used with responsibility, except selling a trading robot that promises fix income, definitely a profit without explaining the risk, then it’s not allowed,” Sutopo said.

The general public who wants to use trading robots should have been resolved regarding the risk and system of robot trading and there is no guarantee that using a trading robot will be 100% profit.

Financial planners from Finansia Consulting Eko Endarto said also said that the good robot trading vendor included the disclaimer that the service could not determine exactly the condition that would occur in front. Investors also good to check the percentage of the success and failure of the technology.

TRFX Director Garuda Futures Ibrahim observed a trading robot that conducted transactions in Indonesian brokers in number as much as a trading robot that transacted in foreign brokers. Investors also need to know that there are indeed two choices, namely the trading robot that resists in Indonesian brokers and trading robots who transact in foreign brokers.

Trading robots that transact in foreign brokers are more rampant due to the determination of spreads and commissions smaller than domestic brokerage transactions. No wonder if finally a lot of religious robots in Indonesia collaborated with foreign brokers, because Ibrahim recorded the potential of the Great Indonesian market. Of the Indonesian population of 30% investment investment.

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