The Best Web Hosting Services In 2021,
The Best Web Hosting Services In 2021

The Best Web Hosting Services In 2021

Posted on The Best Web Hosting Services In 2021 – Creating and hosting a web site outside of the ordinary can be a turning point of Your career. Many people are looking for income from their web site incredible! However, to make a web site, first of all, You need to choose the hosting platform. Would be very advantageous if You know more information about free web hosting.

Well, I know the struggle! To be honest, this tutorial was born out of frustration in total – I really spend weeks to find web site hosting worth, free (or at least cheap). It seems funny that in a world where You are just few clicks away to start your career off You, it seems almost impossible to find a platform hosting site web best free! But, with words that, in my search, I found some free web hosting sites that promise – and that’s what I want to share with You today.

How It All Began

To begin with, let me tell You a short story about how I came up with a list of site hosting free web site the best.

The same as many people looking for web hosting free online, I consider myself as an entrepreneur. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I have this incredible idea associated with the development of IT and think that it will make the website a great education.

Of course, even a day later I glued on my computer, with a sheet Google Docs with all the great things I would add to my website. I had planned the user interface, all the parts which I will add … It’s true-true happiness! However, once I really start to think about the back creating a website, I realized that I have yet to get a clue about how I should choose the hosting and domain free website worth.

Fast forward for a few days – I glued on the screen of my computer, after visiting hundreds of web hosting companies free different. Although at that time I still haven’t chosen a web hosting site free and provider of domain that will please me entirely, I realized that I now have an extensive knowledge about some free web hosting sites are the most popular and reputable in the market. And then an idea came to my mind.

Of course, there are more people like me who struggle to find a free web hosting sites the best out there! So I thought to myself – why am I not write a short review about some of the hosting provider free website that is famous that I encountered in my search for the best? And, low and behold – this tutorial was born.

Evaluation criteria for Web Hosting Platform Best Free

When You are thinking about hosting free web site, what is the first thing that You’re looking for? Is this the uptime, or it may be a domain name?

Different people look for different things when it comes to website hosting free or cheap. However, there are several key factors that must be owned by free hosting platforms in order to function and useful for the people who will use it. I have taken the privilege to pick and choose the features-the features of free web hosting this important, and I will discuss that in a moment for Your convenience.


Of course, the price is the first thing people think when choosing a hosting site. If You are just starting with the creation of web sites, most likely You don’t want to invest a lot of money into Your first project.

That’s why most people turn to a free hosting site. Even web site hosting cheap sometimes seem unreasonable, especially if You are still not sure what You should be doing.
The speed of the site.

No matter if You have a deal free web hosting best in the world if the site that You manage take several minutes to load a different page, now isn’t it? There are a lot of research data that shows that people have little patience for web sites that load slowly – it’s function well, or it’s really not.


If You create a web site (whether it is with a web site hosting paid or free) and enter the content into it, You might want users to see the content of it as much as possible. This is not possible if the web site You are “for the maintenance of” four or five hours per day. That is why uptime is very important when choosing website hosting for free the best You can find.

Facilities and other special features.

If the site free hosting offer additional special features that are unique to them – everything is better! This can make Your site unique and original – it will stand out from competitors and attract the attention of potential users!
These are some of the main criteria and essential that should You look for in a free hosting site.

If one of these points of failure – of this site may not deserve Your attention, especially when there is a wide range of free web hosting sites to choose from.

In addition, it is important to mention that You also should not ignore the secondary feature hosting free web site. Little things like disk space and customer support is very important and can be added in the bigger picture!

With all of that, let’s turn to a review of the actual from some of the free web hosting sites the best available. I will tell You my experience (and some of my colleagues) with site hosting for free in this tutorial, and then evaluate each of them in accordance with the criteria given above. In the end, I will let You decide whether the platform free hosting is worth Your time or not. After all, it all comes down to what exactly You’re looking for in web hosting (free).

One last thing – this list is not created in a certain order! All free hosting site placed randomly unless stated otherwise.

Oh, 000webhost.

What are the reviews of platforms hosting free website without 000webhost? I have to admit, this site is one of the first I check when I’m looking for a deal web hosting best free. And to be honest, I may just be stuck with it, if it wasn’t for one little problem that I have with this site. But first things first – let’s check the options of hosting free web hosting 000webhost.

You can create Your own domain (with the extension 000webhost) and use the editing tools WordPress that You have installed in Your system. And that’s actually the thing that initially got me hooked.

To be honest, I have been using 000webhost before. I think it’s like four or five years ago – I want to start my own blog, and everyone keeps saying to me to try 000webhost. So I did it, but my motivation does not really last that long. If compared to, for example, Wix, 000webhost has editing tools that are difficult to use – WordPress.

With Wix, You can drag and drop items You want to show on Your website – and that’s it! However, in 000webhost, all-based-click – it may be quite difficult to manage if You’ve never used the creation tool website before. There is an option to use a Website builder, but, compared with the features of WordPress, You better use Wix.

And one more thing – 000webhost is not necessarily free. Although it has a free version, You will be much better actually update at least to a single pack of them.

And to be honest, it’s actually quite decent to be improved, because the hosting site web cheap with the addition of WordPress can actually be found, and 000webhost is the competitor which is nice.

000webhost offer free disk space indefinitely, the installer web site “click”, and free website builder. The reason why I continue to mention the makers of this web site is because You still want to use WordPress, because it offers more control and far more useful in the long term.

In retrospect, if I had been thinking about it and studying the WP from the beginning, I probably would not exchange 000webhost with other things at the moment. Just a shame that the interface of the making a web site more difficult (once again – web site builder is not an option for me, because I want to have more control over my website.) That makes me move her to other, free web hosting sites closer to the heart.


  • A WordPress and Website builders;
  • Free web Hosting. Even if You choose to increase, You will still get value for Your money;
  • Working time great, easy to navigate once You get used to.


  • It can be very confusing if You are just starting;
  • Not that fast when compared with website creation service to another (i.e. Wix);
  • WordPress has a steep learning curve.

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