Remember! 7 Adverse Effects of Instant Smoothing Drug Use
Remember! 7 Adverse Effects of Instant Smoothing Drug Use

Remember! 7 Adverse Effects of Instant Smoothing Drug Use

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Instant slimming drug ads will automatically be removed by Instagram, especially in users under 18. Because with those ads, it’s not uncommon for people to use them.

Dear Calikcom, nutritionist and sports expert, Jansen Ongo Msc, RD said that the instant slimming drug trend was not recommended for consumption. Because it has a bad impact on health. Especially it will adversely affect some vital organs, such as the heart, kidney, and liver.

Adverse Effects of Instant Smoothing Drug Use

What are some of the adverse effects of instant slimming drug use? Here’s an explanation.

1. Dependencies

First thing to worry about when taking medicine instant attenuation is dependency. The body will feel unable to escape from that medicine. It is seen as it decides to stop, yet an unnatural reaction arises on the body.

For example, when deciding to stop taking medication slim, gain weight instead. Or there are symptoms of dizzy or unwell head.

2. Digestive disorders

One of the effects of instant attenuation drugs occurs on digestive tem. Basically the way slimming drugs work is to dilute fat inside the body. Yet this instant slimming drug of its nature forces fat to come out of the body unnaturally. By car That way, indigestion occurs.

3. Frequent Chapter

Orlistat is one of the contents of a slimming drug. This content is what causes the user to defecate too often (CHAP). Orlistat will stimulate the contraction of the large intestine so that the BAB becomes smoother. If consumed continuously, then it will Enables persistent diarrhea and makes the body dehydrated and limp to the point where activity is difficult.

4. Uncontrolled metabolic processes

In the metabolic process, the body needs food for produce calories. But while taking a slimming drug, one of its biases will affect the metabolic process in the body and thus become uncontrollable.

5. Body’s nutrient deficiency

Inside the slimming drug also contained phenterimine and dipyramate that plays a role in suppressing appetite. When taking slimming drugs, users usually don’t pay attention to nutritional intake well. Instead, they endure hunger and reduce essential nutrients. This could cause metabolic processes to be inhibited so the body feels tired easily.

6. Faster heart rate

One of the side effects of slimming drug use speeds up the heart rate that tends to be irregular. This is because the filtering of drugs in the blood makes the heart work hard to pump them stronger.

7. Complications

At the end of the day, if taking a slimming drug continu could lead to the emergence of various serious complications that lead to death. Usually in slimming drugs there is an content that affects blood sugar levels, causing blood pressure, and result in poisoning.


So are 7 dangers from taking instant slimming drugs. Hopefully worthwhile.

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