Often Used as Herbs, These 5 Benefits of Fastening for the Body
Often Used as Herbs, These 5 Benefits of Fastening for the Body

Often Used as Herbs, These 5 Benefits of Fastening for the Body

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Herbs are a traditional herbal drink already in the traditional consumption of Indonesian people since long ago. Herbs themselves are made from different kinds of selected spices. One common type of spice and often used as a ingredient for making herbs is bristles.

Although most of you may have tasted it, But do you know what the benefits of bracing are? Before discussing further about the benefits, it is best to get to know first what braces are and what they contain.

Benefits of Fastening for the Body

Although most of you may have tasted kencur, but do you know what the benefits of bracing are? Here are 5 benefits of bristles for the body.

1. Preventing cancer

Ethyl-metoxisinamate content in stimulated bristles can be processed only as a sunscreen manufacturing material, but also as an anticancer material. Such content works by inhibiting proliferation of hepatocellular liver carcinoma cells. Other benefits of ethyl metoxisinamate and ethyl cinnamate content in bristles i.e. it can have a calming effect.

2. Treating diseases resulting from bacterial attacks

Extract of methanol content in curtailed bristles effecttif as an antidote to the central nervous system disease-causing bacteria Granulomatous amoebic encephalitis. Other bacteria such as Amoebic keratitis that are the cause of infection in the cornea of the eye as well as parasitic worms that cause toxocariasis disease, can also be overcome byn consume methanol extracts from these plants.

3. Treating stone urine

The bristles have a compound of yes is commonly treated to treat stone urinary disease. To use it, you can wash two bristly rhizomes first, then bruise them and mix them with a glass of warm water. Before taking it, filter it first and add a little salt. Take regularly as much as once a day regularly until the condition improves.

4. Treating diarrhea and abdominal pain

Digestive disorders such as diarrhea can also be overcome disturb consuming bristles. The anti inflammatory and antioxidant content inside is believed to help relieve and treat indigestion, such as diarrhea.

In addition to diarrhea, bristles can also be treated as an external medicine to overcome a stomachache. The herb can be made by first washing two bristly rhizomes and two leeks of onions, and then mash them finely. After that, wrap the potion with banana leaves, and place it over the fire until it is warm. If you have, put or spatter a potion over a painful stomach

5. Treating catching cold and flu

Catch a cold and flu is already a common disease in natural as the weather changes. If you have this disorder, you can use bristles as a medium for herbal medicine. First, mash one rhizome with two sheets of leaves until smooth.

After that, give a little warm water and use it so i inhaler. You can also apply it to the area around the nose to help relieve blocked noses from the flu you are currently experiencing.


That is the discussion of the 5 benefits of bracing for the body. If you have health problems like the above, you can alternatively use bristles as herbal medicines by first processing them into herbs.

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