Learn How to Handle Split Legs Here
Learn How to Handle Split Legs Here

Learn How to Handle Split Legs Here

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The chapped feet on the heel area is a problem yang is commonly experienced by many people. Having chapped legs is certainly not interesting to look at. Worse still, if it breaks or the cracks become too deep, sometimes it causes pain when standing or walking.

risk one’s skin from chapped will also increase if he is already aged. People who have less healthy lifestyles, such as smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages, are also at greater risk of having these skin problems.

How to Handle Split Legs

There are several ways to handle a broken leg and prevent it from getting worse, i.e.:

1. Drink plenty of water

When you don’t drink enough water, mouth and tangerine the rokan feels dry and hoarse. The same goes for the skin. Drinking a lot of water will make your skin moist, so that chapped legs can recover slowly.

2. Use soft soap

In order for the skin condition of the damaged leg to improve quickly, it’s important to keep the chapped part of the leg clean. Be careful, however, cleaning the feet using soap that is chemically hard or of an iritative nature can actually make the skin too dry.

Therefore, choose a soap whose material is glue…, so it doesn’t cause irritation and doesn’t remove the moisture on your feet.

3. Avoid bathing with hot water

If you want to soak or shower with a shower, try not to use hot water, yes. This is because bathing with hot water can make the skin dry quickly and break down, making breaking legs difficult to improve.

4. Apply moisturizer regularly

Legs whose skin is chapped need to be routinely polished smother. There are several types and contents of useable moisturizers, such as mineral oil, glycerin, and urea. One kind of good moisturizer used for chapped feet is petroleum jelly.

Smellers can be used in the morning and evening. Apply moisturizer to the skin of the problematic feet, then wear comfortable socks so that the moisturizer can be absorbed better. This moisturizer will repair damaged skin and maintain skin moisture, so that the chapped legs can recover.

5. Rubbing feet to lift skin cells be dead

You may already be familiar with whetstones which is often used to handle chapped heel skin. This rock is quite potent in lifting dead skin cells.

The way it is used is quite easy, soak that foot break apart in water for 5 minutes or until the skin feels soft. After that, wet the whetstone with warm water, then rub it slowly on the area of the chapped feet. Perform this treatment for 2-3 minutes.

When finished, apply the troubled skin puffer. Besides with whetstone, feet may also be rubbed using a footbrush or a special scrub of feet.


If treated properly, the skin of the legs is chapped It will get better with time. However, if the legs are still chapped even though they have done some of the above, then you should consult a doctor for further treatment.

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