How to be a Trader in the Copy Trade, FBS
How to be a Trader in the Copy Trade, FBS

How to be a Trader in the Copy Trade, FBS

Posted on – In this article I will give you a guide how to be a trader in the copy trade, FBS. Already some time of this the broker started providing trading platform that is easy and interesting, that copy trading or social trading. The concept is very interesting where people can not do trading can start investing in the money market or stocks without having to learn first. They just need to choose a trader to follow or trader to copy.

Here I will discuss the advantages of this platform is for those of us who can and has been commonly invest in the forex market in particular. As a trader usually we earn money by trading, of course, the magnitude of the advantage is influenced by the magnitude of our capital.

To obtain greater profits we need to become more expert and enlarge the capital or are we looking for investors for the results. Of course search for the investors is not an easy thing. Well with the platform copy this trade we can benefit by doing the same job, we do trading as usual but get more profit, loh koq bisa? Can.

We can register yourself as a trader to copy or trader to follow, easy to do once I will write below. When you become a trader copied then later there will be a follower that will follow us, surely we should have a portfolio of stau track record of trading is good and consistent. At the moment You do trading as usual then the follower will automatically by the system to follow the movement of trading, You either buy or sell, take profit and others.

By the time You’ve put up a good position and get profit then you as a trader will get a percentage of profits from the profits of Your follower (about 5%). The more followers You certainly profit You are getting bigger. Not to mention if Your follower has a large capital. Once again if you want a lot of followers, of course we need to be consistent in profit.

Interesting not by doing trading as usual you can get the profit potential is very large. Then where is the broker that provides a platform copy trade, and how to be a trader to copy? The answer is FBS because he has been promoting this platform is quite old so there are many people who have already download the apps and look for who is the broker that I can follow and profit a lot, is that You? It could be emoticon-Smilie

How to become a trader to copy on the platform of copy trade, FBS:

The requirement is fairly easy, open a Real account in FBS well it’s your account Micro or Standard, fill a minimum deposit of $100, and verify Your account and use the MT4. For step — stepnya please be listened to:

Stage 1. Create Real Account Standard or Micro

  • Please list first
  • Take a look at the top right, click “Open Account”
  • Please prepare Your email, we recommend gmail and log in to Your gmail account. In the picture below is You like to have the option to log in using a password and email but later You will be asked to login and sign up to the fbs using Your email. Please login to Your gmail account, then return to the browser page fbs and click the google icon.
  • Select Your email account
  • Your name and email will be charged for yourself, then click continue.
  • Note the picture below, open an account in the “Standard or Micro”.
  • For the account type, choose between Standard or Micro, choose your leverage according to Your needs. Currency select $ Dollar, and click “Open trading account”.
  • Congratulations Your account has been so. Please note your username and Your password to login to Your MT4 account.
  • Please verify also no Handpohne You, put no ID card and a photo or scan of Your ID. Don’t worry, the process is quite easy and quick. Only a few hours Your account has been verified.

Stage 2. Deposit account FBS

  • Note the top right click “Deposit Funds”
  • Select the Bank You have account.
  • You will be given no account, and unique numbers. Pay attention to the news columns need to be like that in the image below. Service payment invoice 123456 (no id fbs You), Jack Song (Your name). If the news is less enough then name not listed not what. Yesterday I tried at the click of a BCA and safe, the money stays in.
  • In a couple of minutes or hours of Your funds will be charged. If the hours of work it will usually be faster.

Stage 3. Make an account that You have created to Account to the Trader to Copy

  • Select Your account You have created earlier.
  • The configuration settings of the copy. Click “Start earning from copy trade”. fill in the data yourself,
  • Prepare the profile and the picture and press the button “start”

Congratulations You have become a trader to copy. The commission will be transferred to Your account once a week.

How do I get followers? You’ll have to prove first portofilio You. Then while establishing a good portfolio, You can while berporomosi in social media. You can menscreenshot Your income every day on instagram, facebook or whatssapp status. Based on my experience will be a lot of people are interested in. Who does not want to gain more revenue in a very easy way without having to learn and work hard.

Your Follower will continue to evolve and the more involved then others will also be interested and try to invest capital or copy Your trades. Keep good performance so that they become a follower faithful. With the increase and development of the follower You then automatically Your income will be very much and more every day. Like compound interest, You will become more rich every day. So let’s so a trader to follow.

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