8 How to Reduce Good and Effective Minus Eyes
8 How to Reduce Good and Effective Minus Eyes

8 How to Reduce Good and Effective Minus Eyes

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An eye that is one of the panacea sense human is an organ that is certainly very important to the body. Unfortunately, countless people who have less eye organs can see objects over long distances clearly or commonly are also called diseases or minus eye disorders.

However, if Smart Buddy is one of many people who have minus eyes without feeling any significant symptoms, then Smart Buddy doesn’t have to worry because there are many ways to deal with that.

How to Reduce Good and Effective Minus Eyes

Consider the following 8 ways of reducing minus or near sightedness and effective eyes.

1. Consume carrots

How to reduce the eye minus the first and the very popular as well as always encouraged by ophthalmologists is consuming carrots. As already known, carrots contain a great deal of vitamin A content in them, vitamin A is a type of vitamin that works to maintain eye health. Therefore, it is very good for minus eye sufferers to consume carrots regularly.

2. Consume aloe vera

Besides being good for hair health, it turns out the aloe vera are also effective in reducing minus eyes when consumed regularly. This is because the aloe vera has excellent nutritional content to maintain eye health. Only in this case, it seems that special processing is needed to consume aloe vera such as processing them into the form of aloe vera juice, considering its plant form so that it cannot be consumed directly.

3. Consuming beet fruits

In addition to consuming carrots and alligator tongue, way methe farsightedness which in turn is consuming beetroot. If Smart Buddy doesn’t know yet, it turns out that beet fruit also has an efficacy that is no less effective than carrots and crocodile tongue in treating minus eyes. Just like the aloe vera, beet fruit will also be easier to digest by the body if it is processed into the form of juice. In addition, adding carrot and bellowing mixture to the juice for beet juice can also add to the fruit’s richness in treating minus eyes.

4. Compressing eyes with betel leaves

How to reduce the eye minus the next one that’s can Smart Buddy try is by compressing the eyes with betel leaves. This is done by washing putting washable fleshy leaves clean on both eyelids while closing your eyes. Since this activity requires Smart Pal to close your eyes during this activity, it can be confirmed that Smart Pal will not be able to do most of Smart Pal while doing this activity. Therefore, this one is better done while going to sleep so as not to interfere with the activities of the other Smart Buddy.

5. Practicing eye gymnastics regularly

One of the causes and symptoms of minus eyes is eyes tired. When the eyes are tired, even the visual power will decrease and if accumulated will result in minus eyes. Therefore, when the eyes are starting to feel tired, it is good to take a short break and practice eye gymnastics regularly. This eye gymnastics is very easy to do, which is by opening the eyes wide and moving to the left, right, up, and down regularly for a few moments.

6. Practice looking at objects that are far away

One cause of minus eye is frequent we forces our eyes to see certain objects at close range so that our eyes are more accustomed to seeing objects whose distances are close and it becomes more difficult to see objects whose distances are far away. One of the symptoms of farsightedness is the difficulty of seeing objects located far away. Therefore, it is good that we often practice seeing objects that are far away as one way of relieving farsightedness.

7. Making it a habit not to read while lying down and turning the eyes

Another very significant cause of minus eyes is reading habits while lying down and squinting the eyes while about to see the object more clearly. Reading while lying is very harmful to eye health because when we are in a lying position, our brain cannot work at its maximum so the response given by the brain to the eye becomes slower while the eye is still forced to work hard. Furthermore, poor viewing angles as well as too close object distances as already mentioned in the preceding point further trigger damage to our eyes due to this habit.

8. Eye lasik surgery

The way to reduce the eye minus the next one is indeed not a natural way like the previously mentioned ways because it involves an operation with advanced technology in the field of eye health, i.e. by way of eye lasik surgery. Eye lasik is a method of treating the eye by using laser technology by eroding the cornea of the eye to make it ideal again. This eye lasik surgery is very good to perform on those already severe minus eye sufferers who are very difficult to treat in the ways previously mentioned in this article.


Those are the 8 ways of relieving good and effective farsightedness. May health your eyes can get better and more awake by implementing the ways that we have described these articles.

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