7 The Trading Platform Crypto Best 2021
7 The Trading Platform Crypto Best 2021

7 The Trading Platform Crypto Best 2021

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phobidilia.com– People of the world, including Indonesia, are fond of crypto currency (cryptocurrency). Most want to do trading crypto short term, some longer want to invest long-term because it believes that the future of the asset or digital currency will be bright in the future.

However, there are some beginners, who want to start buying cryptocurrency but confused where to buy assets crypto safe and reliable. Don’t worry, here we will give recommendations trading platform crypto best 2021.

  1. Binomo

One app trading crypto best that can be considered, namely Binomo. Although basically Binomo provides derivatives trading with binary options, You can still buy assets crypto here. However, the assets of the crypto available in Binomo is currently only Crypto IDX, Altcoin IDX, and Bitcoin.

You can’t save Crypto IDX, Altcoin IDX, and Bitcoin in the long term. In other words, it is more suitable for short-term trading with options system binary options.

The workings of trading on the Binomo is very easy: You just need to analyze and determine: whether the price of the Crypto IDX, Altcoin IDX, or Bitcoin will go up or down.

The profit (profit) will be obtained when Your choice is correct. For beginners who want to be a trader in Binomo, please read the guide here:

  • How to register and Deposit Binomo
  • How to Trading Binomo Safe and Beneficial
  1. eToro

If the assets crypto in Binomo available only Crypto IDX and can not be held or stored in the long term, then it is different with eToro.

What it is eToro? The part of investors and traders internationally, especially in Europe and the United States, eToro has been very familer, not only as an application or platform trading crypto best, but also as the best platform for other assets.

So, eToro is a broker of international multiaset that provides various types of investment instruments, include cryptocurrency, stocks, forex, CFDS, ETFs, commodities, and indices. In other words, in one app, You can buy some of the financial assets as well as online.

Because eToro also provides asset crypto (cryptocurrency), then eToro can also be referred to as crypto exchanges. Well, eToro own it now provides 23 types of crypto currencies that can be traded online, for example such as: Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (Doge), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), and so on. You can also use the eToro wallet as the safest place to store digital currency or crypto You.

As for the stock investment, eToro offers stocks from various exchanges in many countries, including the Nasdaq and the NYSE so that You can invest in shares of Facebook, Tesla, Google, Amazon, and other.

Interestingly, eToro offers fractional shares, meaning that retail investors have minimal capital, can still buy shares of a large company with a number of units lot smaller. This is the advantage of eToro and the reasons why global investors make the eToro as a mandatory application in investing, including investment cryptocurrency.

Then, how investment cryptocurrency on eToro? In general, there are three processes or stages to start buying crypto on eToro, namely (1) registration (can be via a website or application), (2) deposit the funds, and (3) the purchase process. For registration via the website (need VPN) and registration via the app can without VPN (free download at PlayStore/AppStore). Here’s a tutorial how to investment crypto on eToro via mobile app.

a. Process the list in the app eToro:

First, download the app eToro first. Then, open the application.

After that, to continue resgistrasi, select the part of the sign up.

Then, create an account by filling out the username, email address, and password.

Next, check the information related to the policies (rules) of the user. Then, click “create account”.

The next stage, do email verification. eToro have sent a verification link to You via gmail, please click the link.

If it is, You will go to the main page of the eToro platform. The next task, which was to complete the personal data of Your account. Please click menu “Setting”.

Then, upload the file or document the following:

  • ID = data self-identity.
  • Driving license/driver’s license or bus apula electricity bill/water/telephone = as a data place of residence.
  • TIN = as the identity data of the tax.

Next, the eToro will verify Your account for 1 – 3 working days.

b. Process a deposit at eToro

As an app or platform trading crypto best, eToro has determines the amount of the deposit money is relatively cheap for investors, namely 200 USD or Usd 2.8 million.

First, log in to your account eToro.

Second, click the “Deposit Funds”.

Then, fill in the amount of deposit money/deposits.

Then, select one of the methods of payment of the deposit.

c. The process of buy cryptocurrency on eToro

Well, after a funding deposit You log in to your account or eToro wallet, You can do a purchase to a variety of financial instruments. In this case, You want to buy assets crypto (cryptocurrency). Way as follows.

First, sign in or log in to your account eToro.

Then, select the menu “Trade the Markets”.

After that, select Filter > select Crypto > select subsections of Coins. It will show 23 types of assets crypto available in eToro.

Assets Crypto on eToro
Lastly, please select the crypto currency to be purchased and You are free to determine.

  1. Binance

If You want to invest in crypto on the platform that is specialized in providing the assets crypto (cryptocurrency) course, then You can buy in the company of crypto exchange, one of the best, namely Binance.

This company is based in Caymand Islands, it manages to be the exchange or the exchange of Bitcoin and Altcoin largest in the world based on volume of transactions.

In addition, the number of coins crypto on Binance is fairly much so that the trader can choose freely. Unfortunately, unlike eToro, You can buy stocks, forex, or other instruments here because Binance only focuses on cryptocurrency course.

  1. Coinbase

In addition to Binance, the company crypto exchange international, which can be considered, namely Coinbase. Company based in Delaware, the United States managed to become the best place to store (read: wallet/wallet) Bitcoin and altcoin.

In addition, Coinbase has also become one of the trading platform crypto biggest in the world. Estimated current Coinbase has more users than 10 million people! However, the amount of assets crypto (cryptocurrency) in the Coinbase fewer than Binance.

Even so, the assets of the crypto listed on Coinbase’s been through a rigorous selection so that only coins crypto best (free of scam and fraud) that managed to get into Coinbase.

  1. Tokocrypto

If Binance and Coinbase are a company of crypto exchange foreign or abroad, You can also use the platform crypto exchange Indonesia, one Tokocrypto.

This company has been working with Binance in providing exchange crypto best for investors. You can buy and sell various assets crypto with transaction costs relatively low.

In addition, You will also be pampered with the appearance of an attractive or user friendly. Tokocrypto also often provide rewards for the user. So, You can consider this platform.

  1. Indodax

Indodax is the company of crypto exchange that comes first in Indonesia. In addition to being a wallet Bitcoin wallet best, Indodax also be a platform to sell and buy altcoin trusted.

The amount of assets crypto in Indodax relatively more compared Tokocrypto. However, charges or transaction fees in Indodax more expensive. Well, please pertinbangkan app crypto this.

  1. My account

Company crypto exchange Indonesia ie my account. Not much different from Tokocrypto and Indodax platform Accounts also become the choice for the beginner.

Interestingly, the price of the crypto currency (cryptocurrency) in my account everything is converted into indonesian rupiah. In other words, investors can buy Bitcoin and altcoin price of dollars.

In addition, the process of deposit and withdrawal can also be done easily because it support to local banks. However, the amount of assets crypto in my account is still relatively small compared Tokocrypto and Indodax.

Why Investment Cryptocurrency?

There are several reasons why You should start investing in cryptocurrency. In addition to diversification, buy digital currency is considered to be relevant in the future is predicted to be “all-digital”.

Today, many parties, including the government in various countries with blatantly against and ban of Bitcoin and altcoin, especially as a means of payment.

This is a form of anxiety the various parties that the existence of the Fiat currency that we use will be threatened. This is because cryptocurrency is considered as “digital gold” so it is more resistant to inflation.

In addition, throughout 2021, the majority of the price of the asset crypto soaring high, and some even fly up to thousands of percent. Not a few who achieve the highest price of all time or all time high/ATH.

Investment Crypto while Stock Investing, What Can it be?

If You ask about investing in cryptocurrency and stocks (stocks) as well as in the application/platform, then it really can be! Of course, it can only be done through eToro, international broker trusted that have been deregulated and get legalitasi in different countries, as follows.

  • The Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC), Cyprus.
  • The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Australia.
  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Uk.
  • The National Futures Association (NFA), United States of america.

That’s the reason why we recommend eToro as an application or platform trading crypto best at this time. But again, the decision is in Your hands. Please choose according to your needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a type of currency that is digital and decentralized. There are thousands of cryptocurrency available today. Cryptocurrency other public including Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Dogecoin (Doge), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Binance Coin (BNB), and other. Each asset crypto was created with a different purpose.

  1. How do investment cryrptocurrency

Investing in crypto is like buying Bitcoin and altcoin on a platform can be done in at least three processes, namely the registration, deposit funds, and purchase. Each platform will typically provide a separate application accessible via the website and/or the web application .

  1. What is the best platform for investment cryptocurrency?

Actually it depends preferesnsi every investor. However, we would recommend eToro. In addition can buy a variety of assets crypto (cryptocurrency), we can also buy many of the world’s stock on eToro, including also buy other instruments such as forex, ETFs, commodities, and indices. So, in just one app or platform, investors can invest in different assets. This is very cool.

  1. Whether the investment in cryptocurrency profitable?

All 2021, most of the crypto currency managed to climb high, not even a little bit that reaches all time high or the highest price of all time. Many analysts predict the price of crypto will continue to increase in the future along with the bright prospects of digital finance decentralized.

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