5 Stir This Fruit Juice Is Good for Minus Eye, Delicious and Effective
5 Stir This Fruit Juice Is Good for Minus Eye, Delicious and Effective

5 Stir This Fruit Juice Is Good for Minus Eye, Delicious and Effective

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Today, the number of people suffering from minus eyes is increasinga. The main cause is that it takes too long in front of a computer or smartphone. Undeniable, technological progress brings both benefits and adverse effects.

If the eyes are already minus, visibility becomes limited. The solution is unlaiable and don’t have to wear glasses. Also, it is also possible to maintain our eye health by consuming fruit juice. So that your minuses don’t add more, keep them regularly drinking this juice. It’s good. Keep your eyes crossed.Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Treat Fruit Juice For Minus Eyes

1. Red beet juice from beetroot tuber

Umbian beetroot or red beet contains a lot of antioxidants and iron. Both substances are excellent for eye sighing. We can consume it by juicing or blender.

2. Fresh melon juice and keep your eyes healthy

Melon is one kind of fruit full of benefits. Melon can prevents cancer and heart attacks. Also, melons can also maintain eye health because they contain vitamin A.

3. Filling, avocado juice has the properties for minus eyes

The high content of lutein in each avocado makes it suitable consumed by the owner of the minus eye. Also, taking avocado juice will help to absorb nutrients. Nutrition such as alpha carotene and beta carotene will be absorbed to the maximum extent. Both nutrients are very good for the eye.

4. Even though it is a bit expensive to cook, try juice from kiwi fruit no laterefficacious

The green kiwi fruit also contains lutein and carotenoid enough to healthful to the eyes. This makes the hairy fruit fit for consumption by those suffering from minus eyes. Unfortunately, many dislike it because kiwi has a rather sour taste and its pegged price is more expensive than other local fruits.

5. Cheap festive, banana juice can be desirable at the same time as controlling eye health

Bananas are fruit in every season. No need to wait too long, because banana fruits appear without knowing the seasonality. We too can get it easily. Then why hesitate banana fruit consumption and make smoothies, your eye health will be maintained.


That was the 5th time. Good fruit juice for minus eyes. Good luck!

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