5 Basic Skincare You Should Have, Beginners Must Know!
5 Basic Skincare You Should Have, Beginners Must Know!

5 Basic Skincare You Should Have, Beginners Must Know!

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Skincare is a series of skin care for the sake of maintaining balance and skin beauty. Taking care of facial skin is not enough of the food you consume, but it is also done from the outside.

In skincare, there are stages I have to take. Usually, starting from washing the face with facial foam, then using toner, essence, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Basic Skincare For Beginners

Out of many different types of skincare, there are some kinds that must you got. Beginners must know, here are five basic skincare you should have.

1. Moisturizing

If you have a dry facial skin condition, moisturizer be very obligatory to have. In addition to moisturizing, the benefits of moisturizing are nourishing the face and preventing the occurrence of new skin problems. The moisturizer locks up all the skincare you wear.

Smellers are various, some are cream or gel. If your skin is moist, then if you apply makeup, your face will look smooth and not break.  Apply moisturizer after you use toner, yes.

2. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not only needed while we are in weather summer, just like on the beach, you know. Sunscreen is mandatory for daily wear because UV rays can cause flecks and black stains on the face. Besides, it also prevents irritation, you know.

Apply sunscreen after you wear a series of skincare and before using makeup. That way, the face gets treated and away from black stains.

3. Serum

Facial serum use is sufficient between morning and evening before luminate sleep. Serum has the nutrient content needed by your facial skin. In addition, facial serum can counteract signs of skin aging. like fine lines and wrinkles.

Choose the serum that suits your skin condition. The way it packs simply drop it to the face and pat it slowly until it absorbs. Use serum routinely to make maximum results.

4. Face wash

Washing your face becomes an obligation in the morning and evening. With The facial gout, dirt and dust present on the face shall be clean and shall not clog the pores. In addition, face wash can also lift excess oil, brighten the face, and effecttif pulled out dead skin cells.

Choose a face wash that suits your skin type. If leather You have pimples, don’t use face wash with scrub because it can make a red face and irritation. Make sure to wash the face properly and clean, yes.

5. Toner

Toner becomes one of the most important skincare for your face. Because, apart from balancing the pH of the facial skin, toner also shrinks the pores of the face, you know. Not only that, but toner also reduces excess oil production on your skin.

The way toner is used is by dripping in cotton and teep carve slowly into your face. Toner is used after face wash, yes!


Facial care is important, in addition to making healthy skin, text The tour gets smoother and makes you more confident. Skincare should also be used regularly every day in the morning before activity and at night before going to bed.

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